One Holland Village Showflat is not actually situated at its actual site. Singapore’s Holland District, which has become one of the most sought after area for young families, will be opening soon. The property has tastefully designed layouts with great architecture and landscaping. Its layouts are well designed in order to maximize the efficient use of space.

One Holland Village Showflat Location

One Holland Village Showflat is located along Holland Village. However, to get the most accurate information on this property, it is advisable that you call our sales hotline to avoid missing this great opportunity. We will serve you directly and give you the freedom to enjoy direct developer discount and free consultation to allow you to understand everything that we offer.

The One Holland Village has a wide range of facilities to offer. Also, it is located at a strategic geographical location with close proximity to good schools, restaurants, and shopping malls. With a good quality of life, this could be your ideal dream home!

One Holland Village Showflat VVIP Viewing

To book a viewing appointment, register with us early to have access to an exclusive VIP viewing. This will, in turn, give you the feel of fine finish and luxury living designed by the developer. So long as you are registered, you will have direct access to our developer sales pricing and updates on our development movement. Becoming a One Holland Village owner is as easy as submitting your interest with us online. So, what are you waiting for

Things to Consider before visiting One Holland Village Showflat

What to consider before visiting the One Holland Village Showflat Gallery

• How much CPF you are able to put into buying a flat at One Holland Village

• Optimizing your savings for future investments on properties

The best thing is that you can always contact us if you are not really sure and our team will be there to advise you on the CPF for buying condos. If you need a housing loan, we are the go-to guys!

You may find that you are affected by TDSR. Worry not! That is why our panel bankers exist. ABSD, on the other hand, varies depending on either the number of properties you own or the citizenship balloting system. It will need you to understand how the balloting system
works. Register with us today for a hustle free experience to owning a condominium. We have a professional team that works around the clock to ensure that all your inquiries are attended to.