One Holland Village Bohemian Vibe

The sales of a gallery of Far East Organization will be held soon. The main role of One Holland Village Residences will be to find the work of contemporary artists. In addition to that, the latter will be required to commission a mural that mainly reflects the importance of Holland Village. What is the main aim of the sales gallery? The main essence for this is for the private residential component of the mixed-use development.

From the director of planning and organization’s acquisitions, the entire project is a great opportunity to incorporate all the place making activities. There is no doubt that the project will benefit the whole of Holland Village.

Bohemian Vibe for 1 Holland Village

What was the main reason for including the elegant pieces of art on the walls? It would give the visitors an unforgettable feeling of what is to come. It is good to keep in mind that the director of Far East Organization likens the popular Holland Village with the highly regarded New York’s Brooklyn.

Have you ever toured this site recently? In that case, you can agree with me that it was highly demanded since it was launched in 2018. The site was put up by URA. Unlike many sites in the area, this site has attracted 15 bids before the tender was closed. With that in mind, you can imagine its demand.

What are you required to submit under the dual-envelope tender? You are entitled to submit their concept proposals. The proposals should be submitted in two separate envelopes. What happens after you have submitted your proposals? Usually, they are opened on the tender closing day. From there, the Concept Evaluation Committee is supposed to evaluate them thoroughly.

Bohemian Vibe Far East Organization

Only the shortlisted proposals will proceed to the next stage. What does the stage involve? It is all about evaluation. The envelopes that feature all the details about the tender are opened. The site is awarded to the highest bidder. You might be aware that Far East Organization has been partnering with Sino group. In fact, they have been partnering for several years.

Although it was one of the companies that submitted proposals for the site tender, there were very many design iterations before it finalized the version presented at the sales gallery. The consortium desire was to move away from the single black design of the common mixed-used buildings. Have you ever heard that the land that One Holland Village Residences occupies has been sub-divided into two distinct zones?

What are the main advantages of sub-dividing land? You will have a cleaner development that does not have a management corporation title. Normally, the residences comprise of three-storey and low rise blocks. What does One Holland Residences feature? It will feature three unique offerings. The most luxurious offering is Quincy Private Residences.

Retail, office and community use spaces will be completed in mid-2022. The completion was designed in two phases. This was to help the residents enjoy retail and lifestyle offerings.

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