The far east organization is a famous Christian organization or enterprise. We focus to be a community of peace and love, where Christians and those who are not Christians are welcomed alike to work together joyfully. We are building an enterprise garden that is a tribute to our founder Late Mr.Ng Teng Fong. Our mantra is that we want to do good business and also spread good in business. We follow Gods word is eternal truth because we are Christian enterprises. We use these truths as a code of conduct because these truths are part of our lives itself. Hence, our principals and operation of the business are based on the solid base of our principals and Jesus Christ himself.

Principles in Far East Organization

Our base purpose of doing business is to do it with our core principles like grace, love, integrity, unity, and diligence with the teachings of our role model Jesus Christ. Our identity as Christian organization is deeply associated with to brand Far east organization.

Story of our organization:
Far east organization along with its sister company Sino group is Hong Kong-based organization is one of the largest groups in real estate in Asia.

Our vision: our vision is to inspire better lives.

Our mission:
We are a Christian organization, that builds real estate and focuses on doing business with live, grace, honesty and integrity.
Our core principles: our organism is guided by our core principles and we tried to follow them in all our business plans.

Far East Organization Core Business Values

a) Grace in business:
We believe in doing business with grace and dignity to our every staff member, business partner, and customer. It mainly focuses on giving value to the needs and relationships of other people. With the implementation of grace in our business,we are achieving a win-win situation.

b) Unity:
The far east organization is a United enterprise that haveission to create an enduring organization. We know the importance of working together as a united community and accepting the opinions and values of others

c) Love and integrity:
We focus on treating others with care and love. Even if they are or are not customer,partners, and colleges. We only make commitments that are executable. Selflessness is one of the most important value.

d) Diligence:
Diligence is very improving value for any business to grow and flourish. Diligence may not show results instantly but it will definitely pay off in long terms.

Bottom line:
In the brief, Far eat organization is Asia’s one of the leading real estate company that believes in core principles and values of Christianity and teaching of Jesus Christ.It deals customers with love, dignity and respect. organizations form the belief in values like love, diligence, dignity,respect, selflessness etc makes it unique and different from other organizations.