Far East Organization Real Estate Developer

Mr. Ng Teng Fong the founder of the Far East organization had a vision; to do good business and eventually succeed in their business. To do good business this organization works as a community hence promoting love. They also invite both Christians and non-Christians to work together hence promoting grace in the workplace.

Far East Organization Developer for One Holland Village

The operation of this organization business is based on solid teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ the son of the highest God taught how to accept the eternal facts of God’s word. Through this, the organization has applied it in its business activities. The organization works under the following core values; Integrity, love, unity, diligence, and grace within the business. These values give this organization its Christian identity. More info at One Holland Village which is the latest development at Far East Organization can be found here.

Asia’s biggest Real Estate Developer Groups are Far East Organization and Sino Group its sister located at Hong Kong. The organization operates both as public and private enterprise. The organization has built development and investment companies under it which are based in the following countries; Australia Malaysia, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Far East Organization Unity and Community

Far East Organization recognizes the importance of unity. They very know very well that the key to building an enduring enterprise is to work as a community. They also accept change in their organization by approving individual style and also accepting personal differences and opinions. This plays a key role in converting their diversity to their strength. All their core values are built in integrity basis hence uniting all the other values to one thing.

Integrity can be termed as accountability in every action. This is demonstrated by the organization honest dealings with their customers, and their business partners. When you practice integrity you will also be required to live a life free of contradictions and interpersonal contradictions.

Far East Organization Love and Respect

The organization practices love as a value. Love means you show concern to your fellow colleague, the customers, and their business partners. The organization employee shows selflessness to themselves and put the customer interests first. The employee shows love to their organization through commitment. They live on a guiding principle which teaches them to do to others what you would want to be done unto you.

Another value which the organization practices are Diligence. It is through diligence that the other values flourish. Diligence is shown by working hard quietly and hoping for excellence. When you practice diligence in your organization during the initial stages it may not pay off. When you use it, in the long run, you will be able to see the impacts it brings in the organization. That’s what Far East organization is built from.

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